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occupational therapy study (0 replies)
Author: sacredheart_OT
Sent: 2/3/10  11:12 AM

3 occupational therapy graduate students from Sacred Heart University are interested in having children participate in their research. The students are interested in exploring the experience of children who are or have been overweight. In particular we are interested in their friendships, as well as the types of play and activities they engage in with their friends. As occupational therapists obtain a better understanding of the impact of weight and fitness on friendship and peer activities they will be better able to increase participation in meaningful activities.

if you are interested, please contact ShuOTstudy@yahoo.com
New to forum (0 replies)
Author: HappyDance
Sent: 1/8/08  8:23 PM

Hello! looking for ways to eat more healthy and lose a few pounds. See you all in the forum!
Newbie from California (3 replies)
Author: lisa2122
Sent: 11/19/07  3:59 PM

Hi everyone! My name is Lisa and I'm from California. I'm new to the forums. I'm looking for support and motivation. I live in an area where I'm surrounded by beautiful thin people. It gets tough. I hope I can meet a lot of great people here!
Has anyone tried this? (1 replies)
Author: macri36
Sent: 7/25/07  11:38 PM

Hoodia Chaser. I lost so much weight so far. no side effects and my cravings are gone. http : / / DEVOTED .TO/ HOODIACHASER is where to see my results. LISA
Amazing Liquid Hoodia Works  (1 replies)
Author: macri36
Sent: 7/25/07  11:36 PM

( h t t p : / / devoted . to / hoodiachaser )is where i lost 67 lbs in 5 months. Has anyone heard of it .? no side effects. Lisa
Read here the quick & easy weight loss diet (0 replies)
Author: health4all
Sent: 5/13/07  1:51 PM

I found a great online support group called Weightcircles.com. It’s free and it doesn’t try to push a certain diet plan, just connects you with other people to help you stay motivated. That’s good for me, since I’m not on any special weight loss program, I’m just trying to exercise more & watch what I eat. They have “circles” which are groups of people with different goals, etc, like the Parent’s Circle and the Chocaholics’s circle – it’s pretty fun.
Summer is almost here (0 replies)
Author: LuckyK
Sent: 4/27/07  11:34 PM

Summer is almost here and I was wondering what everyone is doing to get ready for bathing suit season. Perhaps you have a tip that you can share with everyone.
Trying to loose extra pounds (1 replies)
Author: health4all
Sent: 2/4/07  9:51 AM

Here is a site I found where you can meet other people with similar weight loss goals – http://www.weightcircles.com -- it’s very cool, you can blog and exchange comments and tips with other people who are trying to lose weight. It has really helped me to stay motivated because I know I’m going to blog each night about whether I stuck to my diet today!
Cinch Inch/weight loss plan (0 replies)
Author: DRweightloss
Sent: 1/21/07  7:13 PM

Check out our new website
newbie! (1 replies)
Author: hughwashere
Sent: 11/27/06  2:47 PM

hey ya'll! i just joined the board looking for advice and guidence,Im 22/M/Ca im into music,movies,tv,and sports among other things.


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