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Glycemic index of fruits in the diet

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Glycemic Response to Fruits in the diet


The body's blood sugar response to fruit (which contains fruit-sugar known as fructose) is not harmful. This is because the glycemic load of fruits is low (many fruits contain a lot of water weight) and because the presence of fiber slows down digestion. Also, the presence of acid in acidic citrus fruits retards emptying of the stomach and thus slows the absorption of the sugar into the blood stream.


Nutritional Value of Fruit in the diet


Fruits (and vegetables) are loaded with nutritional assets. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins (esp. vitamin C) and some minerals, as well as fiber and other micronutrients like phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are biologically-active compounds that may help protect humans against diseases like cancer. Examples include: bioflavonoids (citrus fruits), bromelain (pineapples), resveratrol (red grape juice), ellagic acid (raspberries, blueberries), d-limonene in citrus peel. So for a lower blood sugar response and healthy nutrition, eat more fruit.


Glycemic Index of Sample Fruits in the diet


Apple GI is 38
Banana GI is 55
Cantaloupe GI is 65
Cherries GI is 22
Grapefruit GI is 25
Grapes GI is 46
Kiwi GI is 52
Mango GI is 55
Orange GI is 44
Papaya GI is 58
Pear GI is 38
Pineapple GI is 66
Plum GI is 39
Watermelon GI is 103

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Glycemic index of fruits in the diet

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