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Diets and Dieting are very important to those learning about the human body, good nutrition and weight loss. The Diet topic presents healthy diet information, and dieting plans.

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Introduction to Diets
Dieting for weight loss means eat less and do more
Calorie counting diets versus type of food group counting diets
Calorie counting or calorie restriction diets for weight loss
Type of food group diets for weight loss
Dietary importance of carbohydrates
Carbohydrates and the hormone response to them
Insulin and Glucagon - hormones involved in blood sugar levels
Blood sugar and the brain
Carbohydrate quantities and dieting
Some health concerns regarding low carbohydrate diets
How are low carbohydrate diets performing in clinical weight loss trials?
Low carbohydrate foods and diets require careful evaluation
Useable or net carbohydrates in diets
Carbohydrate, fat and protein intake vary on low carbohydrate diets
Fat is important to the body
Fat and its role in the diet
Some health concerns regarding high fat diets
Protein in the diet
Calorie counting diets by name
Type of food diets by name
Combined calorie counting and type of food diets by name
Prescription diets
Glycemic index information
What is the Glycemic Index?
Measuring glycemic index
Low glycemic index foods
High glycemic index foods
Glycemic index correlates to disease
The drawback of the glycemic index
How is glycemic load measured?
Glycemic index limitations
Hunger, glycemic index and weight gain.
Glycemic index, glycemic load and obesity
How to calculate the glycemic index of a meal
Low glycemic index diets and weight loss
Low glycemic index and health benefits
Low glycemic index diet recommendations
High glycemic index foods in the diet
Glycemic index of carbohydrates in the diet
Glycemic index values of some carbohydrates in the diet
Glycemic index of sugars in the diet
Glycemic index of fruits in the diet
Fiber in the diet and its effects on the glycemic index
Fat reduces the glycemic index of foods in the diet
Glycemic index is only part of the diet solution
Glycemic index list of common foods in the diet
Ketosis and ketoacidosis
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Introduction to Diets

Each year, some 50 million Americans go on diets for weight loss. That means about 30 billion dollars is being spent each year on diet foods, diet sodas, diet books, diet videos, diet cassettes, fitness clubs, and related diet services.

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Dieting for weight loss means eat less and...

One of the most important proven concepts that is often overlooked in the efforts to lose weight is the fact that inorder to lose weight, the human body should have less energy in than energy out.

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Glycemic index correlates to disease

Recent studies from Harvard School of Public Health indicate that the risks of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, are strongly related to the glycemic index of the overall diet.

The drawback of the glycemic index

The drawback to the glycemic index is that the tests are not performed using typical portion sizes. So by using the glycemic index alone the blood sugar effects of foods containing only a small percentage of the carbohydrates are likely to be overstated.


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